Book Review: The Supernatural Enhancements, by Edgar Cantero

"The Supernatural Enhancements", by Edgar Cantero captures the reader's interest with journal entries, dream journals, paranormal activity, and a secret society with an obsession with an occult game. However, this book falls short of what I would consider a great book.

It begins in the middle of one of the protagonist's journal entries and ends in a sudden manner as well. This gives the impression that Cantero cannot write beginnings or endings and, has instead, found clever ways to overcome this hurtle. This strategy worked for the beginning and was supported by the story and devices used within the book (i.e. further journal entries, recordings, found documents). However, the book switches from a paranormal mystery to the discovery of a magical/religious object that imbues visions and the near occult group that studies it.

The design of this book is beautiful and intriguing. From the cover, to the puzzles; from the writing style to the plot devices, this is a different type of book. Its kooky, but incomplete.

Warning spoilers ahead.

A. and his bodyguard Niamh inherit a haunted house and its mysteries. Appointed by the mysterious and mostly non-responsive Aunt to sort through a recently deceased (by eruptive fenestration) relative's affairs. As soon as they move into the house, A. begins to have terrible nightmares, there is a break in, they get a dog, and the pair slowly uncovers paranormal activity- that isn't that important- and a secret society that participates in a yearly game that is basically a scavenger hunt. The truly intriguing aspects of this story are brushed under the rug.

The impetus of the whole ordeal, Ambrose's death, is explained away by an accident. One that should have been prevented by Ambrose simply recognizing his symptoms as an intense and continuous form of the interaction that he has on a yearly bases with the Eye.

Otherwise a fun, quick read.

 I love a book that begins with a cipher!
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