The Writing on the Jar

I am not Hans Delbrück. Nor was Hans Delbrück a 'scientist and saint.' He was a German military historian whose research was based on analytical criticism of ancient military accounts. He incorporated economic and social data to supplement his conclusions. Even concluding that Roman victories that, traditionally, were told as the underdog overcoming outrages odds were really cases of overinflation of military numbers. In other words the bigger army (namely Rome) was almost always the victor and the historical accounts were tweaked to appeal to the underclass/underdog of Rome.

I am, however, a scientist. Not really working on the saint aspect at all, but I am here to provide the world with trivial information. Random knowledge amuses me. You will find my interests range from the obscure to the ancient, from the random to the fantastic. So sit back, enjoy. Find a smoking jacket if you can. I am, after all, an anthropologist.

Current reads: The Secret Garden, Sherlock Holmes and The Sign of Four, Geschichte der Kriegskunst im Rahmen der politischen Geschichte (History of warfare in the framework of political history).