In Bruges

Bruges or Brugge reminded me of Branson, but only in the touristy feel. Everyone around me was snapping pictures or lost in its winding mazes of streets. However, the ethereal feel of not knowing exactly where we were and the completely different architecture and attitude of all that was around took us wholly out of reality and sucked us into staying for five days (three days longer than what we had originally planned). Also there wasn't a train going out that week...(this guy already knew that though, should have researched).

This town was so far from the modern ordinary. It is a tiny walled in civilization stuck in medieval times, and battling off modernity like a champion. I observed a Hummer trying to turn a corner on the tiny bricked streets, it required the massive behemoth to make a ten point turn, just to get on to the street it wanted. However, anyone who embraces this little hamlet for what it is, will surely get a hug back.

The movie 'In Bruges' is filmed in Bruges and explores the subtleties of the life of hitmen. It also pokes fun at little hamlets that are so popular with tourists. The first man that I met in Bruges asked if I had seen the movie and promptly offered to give me a tour of the places shown and discussed in the movie.

To really enjoy Bruges, sit back and take it all in. Its magnificent. I was there in mid-July and just felt as if I had stepped into a fairytale (with brochures). I highly recommend visiting here, especially if you are looking to wander.