Did you know?

Did you know four Popes have died doing the dirty deed?

Pope Leo VIII-well earned heart-attack.

Pope John XII-bludgeoned by jealous husband of sex partner.

Pope John XIII-same as above, ironically enough.

Pope Paul II-heart-attack while being sodomized by a page boy....

The Church is weird and I do believe that is an understatement. The tradition of holy relics might be the strangest part of all this, but only because of the claims of the Holy Prepuce. Also known as the Holy Foreskin. Wait for it....

Relic comes from the Latin word Reliquiae, which means 'remains'. The church began this tradition for many reasons, but mainly because nothing commands more respect than a dead person's parts. Death is the major phobia of our species. Parts of saints were taken home so that the possessor of the relic could have that physical bond with the Holy Spirit/God (interchangeable). Usually it was a church or a Pilgrim, who stole off with a corpse toe, but many times a relic became a family heirloom.

Now the Holy Foreskin is said to be the foreskin of Jesus. Yes, at one point Jesus had a foreskin and since he was Jewish (and not the blue eyed Caucasian of many portraits) he had said foreskin removed soon after birth. Now there are many foreskins claiming to be the Holy Prepuce (there is no way to really tell which is Jesus, and would you really want to know?), but most have been lost or destroyed either during the French Revolution or the iconoclasm of the Reformation. However, there are still some out there and who knows? There may be a piece of Jesus out there somewhere.