Just got back from Florida. It was cold, but beautiful as always. Went to Busch Gardens. That place is a combination of a zoo, amusement park, and bar....why doesn't every amusement park have beer? I believe this is a great idea, that could easily turn into a bad idea.

On a side note: it appears to be mating season for most species. If you haven't seen the video of the 'moon walking bird', look it up. Its a male Manakin, a bird found in the American tropics, initiating a courtship. Like most bird species the male shows off all its biological flourish to impress a mate.

In our own little sphere of genetic pooling, males will go to a club and initiate courtship with an appropriately frilly, fruity alcoholic drink that may or may not contain more than what the female was expecting (either in contents or emotional burdens). What inspired this tangent is the sight of all the little 'prostitots' (lady-of-the-evening-esque adolescents) prancing about Busch Gardens in bikinis and see through shirts and pants. Who exactly are they expecting to court at Busch Gardens? It amazes me that this same sub-species dresses this seductively just about everywhere they go and then are surprised by all the creepiness that stalks them on the social networks like MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter.