Follow-up: daily to-do list

Alright I have had the whole day to work on my to-do list and feel like I have accomplished something.

For item number one on the list, graduate school, I organized the past semesters' work from a pile on my desk into tightly packed binders to be sorted through more later. This was a major achievement.

For item number two: I spent an hour shouting German at my computer. DER HIMMEL IST BLAU. For some reason my version of Rosetta stone does not accept my pronunciations unless I am shouting. I should ask my German friend if there is a certain decibel that denotes proper German enunciation.

For item number three and four: Abes etiam a consilio insultandi mihi nisi latine loqui scias o mox corvos pasces.

For item number five....the novel....: I am brainstorming.

For item number six: put together shell displays and pretty flowers that are hair and wall decorations.

For item number seven: Pilates and yoga, with a little of chasing the cats around with a squirt gun trying to retrieve some of my socks.

And of course this blog and the previous one satisfy item number eight's quota.

So except for the novel thing, which I have the rest of the day to work on, I did it!!!!