Hello, again

Its been awhile.....erm, a few months even. I have plenty of excuses for the near abandonment of this blog, but really I have come to face the fact that I am lazy. I have plenty of excuses for why I have been lazy too, but really its just a personality flaw. So I have created a list and made it very generic in content and fancy in decoration so I don't throw it away. Well, I created it a year or so ago and its been a nice wall covering. Every morning in the shower I would swear to adhere to that list and do all that it told me to do. Every morning when I got out of the shower I would forget the list, even though its posted up on the wall in front of where I plant myself for most of the day.

To encourage myself even further here is the list:

  • Graduate School (something related to my studies in archaeology)
  • German (attempting to learn German with Rosetta Stone)
  • Latin (attempting to keep up with the Latin that I have learned)
  • Translation (Still working on those languages)
  • Novel (who isn't working on a novel? I am determined to finish mine, really)
  • Blog (success! for today)
  • Projects (this is reserved for household upkeep and craftiness. "Craftiness includes and is not limited to scrap booking, knitting, sewing, painting, torturing the cats, and general domesticity)
  • Exercise (I am going to do this everyday for at least an hour)
I have not followed this list very well. Today is going to be a starting point and as Yoda says "Do or do not, there is no try." I don't think that this is as grave a situation as fighting for control of the galaxy, but I feel that the measure of effort should be the same to get my life on track.

Current reads: The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the Thursday Next Series by Jasper Fford (on number four), The Battle that Stopped Rome by Peter S. Wells.