Erm...hi everyone.....

         I am back from my internship and working on my second semester of graduate school. Sorry I did not keep my promise. Apparently internet is as rare as flying platypus and cell reception is only slightly better. Every night, to call the important person I would walk out into the dangerous wildlife refuge area where I was staying, hike halfway up a hill, sit or stand on a picnic table, and then I would get a bar of signal.... Also while the rest of the country was experiencing a heat wave, the area of Washington that I worked in, experienced one of the coldest summers on record there.
         It snowed, it hailed, it sucked. The area was really pretty, but with the weather so cold and all the activities available being outdoor based...there was nothing to do. Also my two roommates loved to watch Criminal Minds. We saw each episode ever made at least three times each, if not more. I no longer feel a need to watch that show.
        Tomorrow I will post more on my internship and post some links for those interested (i.e. Sebastian). Also for his benefit I will explain 'i.e.' versus 'e.g.'  Hopefully planning out what I will blog will assist with actually blogging!