It burns a hole inside your wallet.

       I was wandering through the local mall, running a few errands, and got caught walking behind a trio of women. They seemed to be related, which I deduced from their common unique waddle gait . I would compare their similar mode of locomotion to the creature from the early thriller "The Blob". These females walked side by side and completely blocked  the mall walkway to the point people coming from the other direction had to step into store fronts to avoid collisions. They finally spotted a shop window that interested them and loudly started to exclaim their protests against high priced items that were only hundreds upon thousands of dollars because it has someone's initials on it. My anthropological training (read: morbid curiosity) kicked in and I peered into the window with them. I was instantly included in their conversation.

       The first lady addressed the others pointing me out as an example. "See this girl! She likes this kind of thing, just because it has an expensive name on it! How much did you spend on that dress? Probably too much! and your earrings and shoes, how much did you spend on that designer name that you could have invested in more important things?"

      I felt a little accosted, especially since all three of them were sporting sweatsuits from Nike and I was wearing items that I had found at second hand stores or that I had made myself. I told them how I felt and where I had found my outfit. I waited for a response, but they chose awkward silence instead.

   I see shopping as an investment, if I can't wear an item with multiple outfits or if it won't last long, then its not worth any price.  I will concede that every once in awhile I will invest in designer items. Especially since fashion is cyclical and eventually it will be stylish again at some point. For example: some 80's trends are back, especially neon and that odd half shirt that hangs off one shoulder. Concerning neon: if you are wearing this palette and get hit by a car, it's not because the driver didn't see you. (It's because you're hideous and need to be squashed).

    I digress. Many things are appealing because they are expensive. This price point indicates to the consumer that it is a highly desirable item and that those with disposable incomes (i.e. celebrities that market expensive products) want these items; therefore, so should the general populace (read: plebeians). Super Adventure Club will explain this further ( Listen to "Expensive" and also "I Want to Be Your Pool Boy").

   I suppose my main point is don't waddle in front of me and complain loudly, and then include me in your conversation. Its dangerous and will lead to awkwardness that I will then apply to anthropological studies.