The Awkward Silence: Conversational Lapses Punctuated by Asinine Statements

There are humans that exist that cannot successfully participate in group conversations. You may have meet a few of these human sub-groups: the person that continues to talk about a subject previously covered and concluded, the person that discusses only himself and only his interests, and the person that postulates a horrific idea and does not understand why no one will agree with his flow of logic. Whichever sub-group they may belong to, the rest of the human race reacts to these conversational monsters by averting their gaze and not responding. Often those attempting to avoid engaging this sub-group, will try to steer the conversation to other topics (most often weather and sports). Other times, no one will respond verbally and instead widen the eyes, inflate the cheeks, and slowly let out a breath. Some will look upwards and tap a foot on the floor. In any of these circumstances, the failing conversationalist should be able to identify the symptoms and diagnose the problem. However, in most circumstances that I have been in, it is as if they have to talk themselves out of the awkward moment and must continue on the same track until someone agrees with them.
             Just change the subject! You alone do not need to sustain banter. There are other people that can help you carry the weight of talking to other people. Simply ask something about them or ask about common interests. When people avoid engaging you in your topic of conversation and avoid eye contact, quickly rectify the situation. If you find yourself caught in a whirlpool a asinine statements, attempt escape.
         Luckily some anthropologists have studied these phenomenon and you can check it out:
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