stepping out

My last post mentioned my experience in finding my spirit animal. It was suggested that I look into the meaning of the creature that I saw. Initially, I conducted a generic  Google search, which yielded many sites that promised to reveal my fortune/future/destiny/future husband/secret crush (it devolved further). So I changed my approach.
This creature was a product of my mind and, therefore, originated from my cultural context. So, Native American or Asian interpretations would not apply. I leaned more towards European mythos and early American colonial folklore as well as Greek and Roman mythos-all of which have been a focus of study and/or my own personal heritage.
What I gathered: a conglomerate animal (a combination of two or more species)is usually an indication of a shaman (so far: awesome).  The animals (large cat, owl, stag/deer, and fox) have a few commonalities: intuition, connection with “other worlds,” and guide to others. I applied this knowledge to what I was feeling and thinking at the time. This moment in my life was a time of confidence, hope, and supreme contentment. I was going where I wanted to go, I was incredibly happy, and I was able to help and support others. I was where I was supposed to be-and I need to be in that state of mind again.
I wrote these findings last Thursday (I know I am very late in posting them), and I resolved that day to do something that my recent anxieties have prohibited me from doing. I packed a bagged and went on a road trip. I left my worries behind (please forgive this beaten line) and thrust myself into a situation where I was the most uncomfortable, but also where I could have the most amazing time. I went to Austin City Limits. I am extremely nervous around more than ten people, so I will post my findings from that next week as I am still recovering…from having one of the best weekends ever.