Happy Holidays

    I am so tired of the "War against Christmas" tirades that fill the newsrooms. This isn't news. Christmas isn't threatened because the number of people celebrating the "Holiday" season is increasing. There is change occurring in the way this time of the year is celebrated. People are stepping away from religious reasons of holiday observance and embracing a simpler concept: Appreciation. This is tribulation time of the year for everyone. It's cold, it's dark, the weather is dangerously beautiful, and we get bored. This is the time of the year that all should Appreciate what they have and who they have in their lives. 
     This simple concept can be applied to all winter holidays. (C)Hanukkah, Christmas, Saturnalia- what have you- all celebrate in terms of appreciation, gratefulness, and togetherness. This is not about the government or other religions actively driving away the "true meaning" of Christmas. Christ's birth most likely occurred in the spring (April?) anyway. I will stay away from arguing that Christmas took over this time of the year to oust paganism. The end of the year is just a really good time to celebrate-the weather outside is frightful, but carousing with friends and family for any reason is delightful.
      I want children to grow up learning songs and stories that celebrate the season. I have had to teach classrooms where Santa, Rudolph, the Menorah, Christmas decoration and conversations are verboten! Finicky parents are the only ones that care, the students would celebrate every holiday that you mention if they could.
You are a selfish jerk to insist that others acknowledge that your religion has the primary holiday while ignoring so many others'? "Happy Holidays" is a perfectly appropriate greeting and the "Holiday Season" is for everyone. It is not wartime. Stop being paranoid and appreciate that you have something to celebrate and allow others to celebrate whatever they want. 

Happy Holidays from mine (A, Z, Oliver, and Paul [aka the Derp]) to yours.