A New Year of Good Reading

Dealing with the many trials that have presented themselves over the past two-three years have forced many of the things that I love to do to the wayside. One of those things has been prolifically reading. So one of my goals for this year is to read more. It is something that I fall easily into, but have been reprimanded for doing to much of. Being an adult now, I can do what I want.

So far this year (2014) I have read:
The Sherlock Holmes Complete Collection, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Hyperbole and a Half, by Alli Brosh
Let's Discuss Diabetes with Owls, by David Sedaris
The Night Circus, by Erin Morgenstern
The Yard, by Alex Grecian
The Complete Washington Irving Collection, by Washington Irving

That's around 3,500 pages in a month, about 3-4 books a week. Not much compared to these guys, but respectable. Plus I don't "speed read," my particular flavor of O.C.D. requires that I read every single word from the bastard page to the preview of the sequel in the back (Also anything I start to read, I have to finish). I also have my books in a very specific order and if that order is threatened or changed I check my entire library for the book out of place. My father used to tease me about moving the books on my shelf-I had to wait until after my bedtime to check all of them (e.g. right side up behind the cover slip and in the right spot), I usually had to do this five times. He said things like this out of jest, I don't think he realized where/when I was losing sleep. Then again he may have been trying a subtle behavioral therapy. I have improved over the years, I don't have to check my shelves over and over again, my two cats can pull books off the shelf and its ok, and I have not finished Jimmy Buffet's, A Salty Piece of Land (its not my cup of tea, but it was such a milestone for me not to finish it that this book holds a place of honor in my heart).

Most of the books read so far this year, were in physical form. Only The Yard and the later half of the Sherlock Holmes Collection were Ebooks. On this topic: I highly suggest Calibre for organizing and converting Ebooks.