A Beatnik Voice

An Authentic Experience-A Holden Caulfield expectation and unreality
Unless you make your experiences authentic.
It's a platitude to create, practice a mantra of 'you get what you give.'
I listen to the conversations of pre-defined stereotypes-
classified not by peers, but by antagonists.
Judges who are deemed unauthentic, unworthy, because
the context, their culture is different, or 'mainstream'
Interpretation, perception-variables unacknowledged in a universe of cliques
and personal experience, the truth that you draw from,
undervalued by an information super-saturated generation.
Repulse phonies, 'and you might wake up digging the whole human race'
No, expel the unauthentic poison in your thoughts
When you're old you won't care about anything but the missed experience
Don whatever mantel fits, but make it meaningful and true
The world that the children make is the world they find true
The position you take in finality is true.

Its a work in progress.